Brittney Postma
  • @brittneypostma
  • Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify
  • Holland, MI
  • she/her
I am a self-taught developer and mom of three. I am the founder of the Svelte Sirens, a community for women, non-binary people, and allies to learn, build, and teach about Svelte. I co-host the Svelte Radio, Remotely Interesting, and Purrfect.Dev podcasts. I also work with Coding Cat Dev to create content on the Jamstack. I love helping people in the community and empowering people with the learn, build, and teach philosophy to make their dreams happen. I mentor in several Discord commuities including Zero to Mastery Academy, where there are over 300k developers learning to code (

I'm a mom of 3 and love 👩‍💻 and 🍺!
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