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Dec 19, 2021
Won a prize in a hackathon
Won a hackathon
Learnt Electronics
Learned DiaLux
Networked as an introvert
Presented a Design Concept
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Won the Special Mention Award In Luxathon 3.0; an National Hackathon under IEEE SB CEK  .
Developed product strategy
Developed product strategy
Created a product prototype
As an experiment, I recently created a personal site on Notion without any additional tools. Why no additional tools? I wanted to see how much of Notion I could use to create a fully functional website. Besides, I love the minimal, crummy, almost monochrome feel I get with Notion.

This reminded me of a powerful lesson I learnt a while ago in design and in writing - constraint is powerful; it forces you to focus on the essentials. My site is sill work-in-progress (literally 30% done), but it makes sense. Enjoy!
Redesigned a website
Launched product redesign
Rewrote App from Scratch
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Full rewrite of the discord APP, Thunder, to discord.js v13.1
Jan 21, 2022
Designed a feature
Designed an application
Designed helpdesk
Wrote a Case Study
Designed impact
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Some time ago I've published case studies about how we've designed and built the in-house language-agnostic helpdesk platform in a few weeks and how it has helped survive the travel crisis. Check it out on
Oct 07, 2021
Created an LMS Solution
Developed a backend system
Created an LMS solution that provides valuable content to all Via Marketplace sellers.